Biden and Trump Neck-and-Neck: What the Latest Polls Reveal

The 2024 U.S. presidential race is shaping up to be a nail-biter, with President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump locked in a tight contest. Recent nationwide surveys reveal shifts in voter sentiment following Trump’s legal troubles, though he continues to maintain an edge in crucial swing states.

Key Insights

Tight Race in Recent Polls:

  • Fox News Poll: President Biden leads Trump by two points in a recent survey, reflecting a three-point swing since May. This is part of a series of five polls since mid-June showing Biden either leading or tied with Trump.
  • Morning Consult Weekly Survey: Biden holds a one-point lead over Trump for the second consecutive week, a reversal from previous weeks where Trump had the upper hand.
  • Economist/YouGov Survey: The two candidates are tied, indicating a shift in voter sentiment.

Impact on Independents:

  • PBS/Marist Poll: The poll reveals a significant shift among independents, with Trump losing six points and Biden gaining eight. Biden now leads Trump by two points among this critical voter group.
  • Politico/Ipsos Poll: 32% of independents and 33% of overall voters report being less likely to support Trump following his conviction on 34 felony counts in Manhattan. Among Republicans, 9% express decreased support for Trump.

Swing State Dynamics:

  • Times/Siena Survey: Although Trump’s lead has diminished by one point and Biden’s support has increased by one point among voters polled in April and May, Trump still holds a narrow lead of 47% to 46%.

Voter Priorities and the Impact of Trump’s Conviction

Despite the legal challenges facing Trump, polls indicate that his conviction is not a primary concern for most voters. A significant portion of the electorate prioritizes issues like the economy, crime, and border security over Trump’s legal matters:

  • Politico/Ipsos Poll: 53% of voters say Trump’s conviction is not a deciding factor in their voting decision.
  • Reuters/Ipsos Poll: 61% of respondents indicate that the conviction will not impact their vote.
  • CBS/YouGov Poll: 55% of likely voters report that Trump’s legal issues are not influencing their choice for president, with other issues taking precedence.

Analyzing the Trends

While Biden has seen a boost in recent polls, the race remains exceedingly close. The minor shifts in voter sentiment could prove pivotal in the final outcome of the 2024 election. Both candidates must focus on the critical issues that resonate most with voters, particularly in the swing states that will ultimately decide the election.

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