Hajj 2024 Khutba: Over 2 Million Gather at Arafat for a Spiritual Milestone

Today, more than 2 million pilgrims are gathered at the plains of Arafat to perform the most significant rite of Hajj, known as ‘Wuquf-e-Arafat‘. The Imam and Khateeb of Masjid al-Haram, Sheikh Dr. Maher bin Hamad Al-Muaiqly, delivered the Hajj sermon, highlighting the essence of faith, unity, and piety.

A Momentous Day at Arafat

The Hajj sermon by Sheikh Dr. Maher bin Hamad Al-Muaiqly was a profound reminder of the core principles of Islam. He emphasized the oneness of Allah and His encompassing mercy. He urged believers to fear Allah and avoid sins, stating, “Allah’s mercy envelops everything. It is His right that people fear Him and shun sins.”

The Significance of the Hajj Sermon

Sheikh Maher highlighted the blessed role of Prophet Muhammad (PBAH), sent as a mercy to mankind. He reminded the pilgrims that those who honour the Prophet, believe in him and follow the divine light he brought are the truly successful ones.

The sermon also included the Prophet’s reminder, “O people, I am Allah’s Messenger, the one who holds the power of the universe, who gives life and takes it. Believe in Him, fear Him, and beware of the day when no parent will benefit their child, nor will a child benefit their parent. Indeed, Allah’s promise is true. Do not be deceived by the allure of this world and Satan.”

The Importance of Piety and Good Deeds

In his sermon, Sheikh Maher stressed that the world is a deception and one should always be mindful not to be misled by its allure. He stated, “True success and salvation lie in worshipping Allah alone and adhering to His commands as delivered by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”

He added that those who fear Allah find their paths opened by Him. Emphasizing good morals, he noted, “Embracing good ethics, brotherhood, and piety is what Islam calls for. Avoid injustice and remember that those who harm believers will never prosper.”

Practical Advice for Pilgrims

Sheikh Maher provided practical advice, urging pilgrims to perform prayers timely, remain steadfast in their worship, and engage in acts of charity. “Your prayers, charity, and sacrifices should be for Allah’s pleasure alone,” he advised.

He also highlighted the importance of Ramadan, stating that fasting during this holy month is a significant act of devotion. For those able, performing Hajj is a duty, underlining the essence of Islam which includes bearing witness to the oneness of Allah and the prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH).

A Day of Unity and Reflection

Pilgrims arrived at Arafat in large caravans after spending the night in Mina. Their arrival continued throughout the day, filling the area around Masjid Nimra, where the sermon was delivered in 50 languages, including Urdu. This year, over 2 million pilgrims performed the combined Dhuhr and Asr prayers at Arafat.

Comprehensive Support and Facilities

The Saudi government has ensured all possible facilities and security measures for the pilgrims. With temperatures soaring to 43 degrees Celsius in some areas, authorities urged pilgrims to use umbrellas and stay hydrated. The Saudi Ministry of Health has deployed over 34,000 healthcare professionals and equipped 730 ambulances to provide medical assistance.


The annual Hajj pilgrimage is not just a journey of faith but also a testament to the unity and resilience of the Muslim Ummah. As millions gather in Arafat, their collective prayers and devotion echo the timeless message of Islam — faith, piety, and the worship of Allah alone.

For more insights into the Hajj experience, you can visit the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. These resources provide comprehensive information and live updates on this significant event.

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