Parallels Between Lacrosse and Basketball Greats: A Comparative Analysis

It’s often remarked that the National Lacrosse League (NLL) “looks like the NHL and plays like the NBA.” This comparison not only highlights the physicality and strategic depth of lacrosse but also underscores its remarkable gameplay similarities with basketball.

The NLL’s resemblance to ice hockey is clear. Both feature five field players and a goalie, identical playing surface dimensions with boards and glass, penalty boxes, power plays, penalty kills, on-the-fly substitutions, and sudden-death overtime. However, the parallels between the NLL and NBA are equally striking.

How the NLL Reflects Basketball

The 30-second shot clock and 8-second midfield marker in the NLL echo basketball’s pace. Lacrosse action features set plays, pick-and-roll sequences, screens, post-ups, and even its own version of a dunk. The shot clock ensures high-scoring games with rapid shots on goal, mirroring the NBA’s fast-paced scoring.

Let’s explore some intriguing parallels between the playing styles of top NBA stars and their counterparts in the premier box lacrosse league.

Stephen Curry and Josh Byrne: Long-Distance Specialists

Both Stephen Curry and Josh Byrne excel at creating space for long-distance scoring attempts using screens or the threat thereof. These elite athletes have perfected this strategy, earning six league championships and three MVP awards combined.

LeBron James and Dhane Smith: Power and Versatility

LeBron James and Dhane Smith use their physicality and versatility to dominate their respective sports. Both can drive to the net with force, scoring from close range or making precise passes to open teammates, thanks to their ability to overpower defenders.

Luka Doncic and Jeff Teat: Creative Scorers

Luka Doncic and Jeff Teat are two young stars known for their creative scoring. They can find scoring opportunities from almost any position, regardless of defensive pressure, continually filling the stat sheet with impressive plays.

Nikola Jokic and Zed Williams: Post Mastery and Precision

Nikola Jokic and Zed Williams are big men who excel in the post with a wide array of moves. Whether making no-look passes or scoring goals, these players display remarkable precision and trickery.

Michael Jordan and John Tavares: The G.O.A.T.s

Comparing legends like Michael Jordan and John Tavares reveals similarities in their leadership, tenacity, and unmatched skill. Both have earned multiple championships and MVP awards, embodying excellence in their sports.

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Understanding these parallels enriches our appreciation for the skill, strategy, and athleticism in both the NLL and the NBA. For more insights and analysis, check out

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